Is it really the thought that counts?

Is it really the thought that counts or are we all just pretending?

Don’t you find it frustrating when you ask someone what they want for Christmas and their reply is “it’s the thought that counts, I’ll love whatever you get me!”? As nice as it is to hear that they have such faith in your gift-giving skills, you both know it simply isn’t true – and it would be a lot easier if people just told each other what they had on their wish list. With countless more family members, colleagues and friends to buy for, there’s plenty to worry about at Christmas as it is, and now they expect you to read their mind and buy them something that they actually want? Because if you don’t, you have to experience the true horror of watching them unwrap their present – a present which you both know is a rushed and badly thought-out holiday gift. You watch the disappointment flash across their face which they quickly try to cover up with an admiring smile. You sheepishly hand them a gift receipt as they utter the words that you silently agree is a bare-faced lie: “it’s the thought that counts”.

Because – and let’s be honest here – we would all rather receive something we want than something that immediately gets us thinking who we can re-gift it to.  It’s simply not true: it’s not the thought that counts. It’s the present that counts! Of course, there are exceptions. Take children, for example. You don’t really want a present of colourful scribbles on A4 lined paper stained with greasy fingers, but it’s sweet that they thought of you.

What do you think? Do you agree that we should all be more honest about what we have on our list to Santa (aka friends & family), or are presents meaningless to you – is it all about the gesture? Let us know your opinion by tweeting us @LoveHeartsUK with #Itsthethought

Sometimes presents don’t need any thought – sometimes you just know, you know? Like, for example, these sweet gifts from our Love Hearts Shop. Full of retro sweets galore, they’re sure to put a smile on anyone’s face – no gift receipt required!

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