Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

It’s here. It’s happening. The countdown has begun. Somehow, we’re now just days away from the BIG DAY. And if you’re like practically everyone else in the world, the chances are that you are yet to complete your Christmas shopping. Finding the perfect Christmas gifts is stressful. And as time races on, the pressure mounts. But don’t worry; Swizzels is here to save the day, with last minute gift suggestions for everyone on your list.

Christmas Gift Suggestions for Everyone

For families

If you don’t have the time or inspiration to buy gifts for your extended family or family friends, a Swizzels Sharing Tub is a great selection. Packed with a whopping 5kg of Swizzels’ most popular sweets, these tubs will see any family through the festive season. And probably beyond.

For grandparents

Parma Violets. You either love them or hate them. There is no in between. But we’re willing to bet that your granny is in the first camp! We’ve been making Parma Violets since 1946. It was a time of post-war rationing. Sugar was scarce and sweet treats were scarcer. So, Parma Violets were a treat indeed. Anyone who can remember this period will love the memories that a 3kg Party Pack of Parma Violets will bring. Especially if you build a memory gift around it, with photos, stories that your grandparents have told you about the time, and maybe even an attempt at some ration book cookery!

For parents

A bit like with grandparents, it’s usually the thought and effort that counts when choosing Christmas gifts for parents. When you’re young, they know that you don’t have much money. When you’re older, they don’t want you to waste it… But they’re your parents. They’ve loved and protected you from the moment you were born, so they deserve a little something. And you know what parents want the most? To see that they’ve been listened to. So, dredge your memory. Try to remember the sweets of yours that they always stole from your mixture as a kid – butterscotchLove HeartsBanana Skids, or Fizzers. And build a gift around them. You could make your own hamper, or a memory box as above. Or you could simply find a receptacle – special mug, attractive bowl, cheese dome or desk tidy – and fill it to the brim.

For children

Kids are usually the easiest target when it comes to Christmas gifts. There is just so much in the big wide world that they WANT and NEED. But it’s also very easy to spend a fortune on things that are going to be discarded, broken, or forgotten about in the weeks to come. Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix gives you the opportunity to give children something that they’ll really love without breaking the bank.

For your sweetheart

Hopefully, if you’re shopping for someone really special, you’ll already have a good idea of what gifts to give them this Christmas. But if you’re looking for that little add-on item (or somewhere to secrete that Christmas engagement ring), a bag of personalised Love Hearts could be just the thing. With 30 small sweet rolls holding the message of your choice (‘marry me’ is very popular at this time of year!), this is a gift that can be cute, romantic and very, very sweet.

For the person who doesn’t like to share

Sharing tubs are all very well. But sometimes you not only want to keep the goodies to yourself. But to have the full-sized version. That’s what the Swizzels Sweetshop Favourites Tub is all about. Of course, the smaller sweets are included too – it wouldn’t be a favourites box without Refreshers, Drumsticks and Love Hearts. But this tub also contains full packs of Squashies and proper Double Dips too. Yum!

For the person who has everything

Whether you buy a readymade Retro Wicker hamper from Swizzels or make your own with Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix, a sweet hamper makes the perfect gift for that one person in your life who already has everything they want. Because for grownups, retro sweets are as much about memories as they are about spectacular flavours. And with this category of recipient, it really is the thought that counts.

Whoever you’re buying for, Swizzels has Christmas gifts for everyone. Head across to our Christmas shop and see what inspiration awaits you. And if you’ve missed out December 16th posting deadline, you can still find plenty of Swizzels sweets in your local shops. 

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