Love You Mum: 5 Great Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mums: what don’t they do for us? Grazed knees kissed, sleepless nights, endless comfort, protection, food and so much love, even if we don’t always deserve it. Mum’s are the best, but how often do you say, ‘thank you’?

If the answer is ‘not as often as you should’, why not do something to make this Mother’s Day (Sunday 31st March) extra special? These are our favourite ways to say, ‘thanks mum, you’re amazing!’.

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. DIY gifts

Perhaps it’s a cliché to say that it’s the thought that counts, but for the most part, mums value effort, thought and gesture over cost. So, what about making a gift yourself? Everyone can do something. Perhaps embroider a cushion, build a book shelf or knit a cardigan. If that sounds a bit much for you, some simpler ideas include making a scrapbook or photo album, writing them a story or poem or baking a cake! Create something just for mum.

2. Make a Meal of it.

Have you ever made your mum afternoon tea? Or taken her out for a picnic that you actually prepared? Sticking to the homemade theme, a home prepared meal will always be appreciated, especially if your parents did most of the cooking when you were growing up!

3. Gifts that Grow.

Flower bouquets are a Mother’s Day staple because they are easy and beautiful, but wouldn’t it be nice to gift something that lasts and grows year after year? A selection of bulbs that are already in flower or a hanging basket could be the perfect alternative. For indoors, orchids are stunning and take very little care. Ferns and aloes look statuesque and are great at purifying the air, while indoor gerberas bring a pop of cheer that few people can resist.

4. Beautifully Bespoke.

If you’re not the crafty type yourself, or lack the time to make something, why not commission a gift? Bespoke doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You could make a photobook with any one of the dozens of online suppliers. You could personalise a piece of jewellery, have a photo frame or memory box made, or a family – or pet – portrait drawn. The options are endless.

5. Say it with Swizzels.

The amazing thing about Swizzels sweets is how they can bring back memories. Whether mum remembers exchanging Love Hearts as a child, or sneaking treats from your stash of Refreshers when you were a kid, Swizzels will make her smile. If you’re shopping for a mum with a sweet tooth, then a personalised Swizzels Hamper could be a perfect way to show you care. What better gift could you give, than making her feel young again?

It’s easy to just opt for a simple card at Mother’s Day, but why not put in a bit more effort this year?
Think of all that your mum has ever done for you: wouldn’t it be great to try and give back?

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