Our Top Five Favourite Sweet Selections for Trick or Treaters

Choosing sweets for Halloween isn’t always easy. You want to find something that’s easy to hand out, that won’t cost a fortune, and that is accessible to all (including vegetarian diets). And then there’s the fear of running out, and seeing the disappointment on the last caller’s spooky little face.  So, what are the best sweet options for your fiendish friends this Halloween?

Five Favourite Halloween Sweet Mixes

Swizzels Scrumptious Sweets bag

This 175g bag of Swizzels favourite sweeties is ideal for areas that may receive just a few trick or treaters. Vegan-friendly, they cater for almost all comers, with Love Hearts, Refreshers, Drumsticks, Fizzers, and Double Lollies… And if you want to play a trick of your own, you can always pretend that all you’ve got left is the Parma Violets! Although, for some people, those are the best treat of all!

Swizzels Luscious Lollies

The perfect accompaniment to our Scrumptious Sweets, the Swizzels Luscious Lollies pack contains all of the lollies you know and love – Drumsticks, Fruity Pops, and Double lollies. Ideal for all those who love sweets but don’t like sticky fingers, this pack contains approximately 16 lollies. And makes a great store cupboard staple for when a little treat is called for.

Personalised Halloween Love Hearts

If you want to give goodies with a personal flavour, then our Personalised Halloween Love Hearts take some trick or treat beating! With all the tastiness and fun of original Love Hearts, these are the perfect choice to pop into Halloween party bags. Or to give out to your favourite trick or treaters. All you have to do is add a BOO-tiful message to complete the Halloween experience!

Mini Me’s

If you live in a busy neighbourhood, it’s time to go big or hide at home with the curtains shut and pretend that you’re not there! This 3kg party pack of mini sweets is the ultimate Halloween hero, and should see you through more trick or treaters than you can shake a broomstick at. Even the cheeky ones who take more than they should. This also makes an awesome choice if you’re hosting a Halloween Party, giving you enough goodies for games, party bags, and a spooky treasure hunt.

Your favourite big bag

Whether it’s a 3kg bag of Double Lollies or Refreshers, you can beat the ditherers by ditching the selection packs and opting for a big bag of a single sweet. But why should you buy your favourite ones? And why should you buy so many? Well, so that you can enjoy the rest yourself, of course! The trick or treaters aren’t the only ones who deserve a treat!

Halloween isn’t for everyone. But if you would like to get involved and contribute to the fun of the year’s spookiest occasion, investing in some scarily scrumptious sweets is the perfect place to start.

Visit the Swizzels sweet shop for more frighteningly good inspiration. 

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