Outdoor Games To Play Over The Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays kids can easily get bored with so much free time. Organising party games in your back garden or local field can be an enormous amount of fun and save a fortune (because let’s face it: as exciting as holidays, theme parks and Zoos can be, we all know they come with a price tag).

Take a look at our list of top games and activities to ensure the fun rolls in (and the bank notes don’t roll out):

Scavenger Hunt

Split your party up into teams and hand out a list of items to find. Some suggestions are a pointy leaf, a yellow flower or a flat rock. Or, if you want to add a sweet dimension to this traditional game, why not hide some Swizzels sweets around the green space? Our bulk bags of wrapped sweets (which are available to buy here) are the perfect sweets to store away for occasions like these.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Set up a point system for tossing a bean bag through specific rungs of a latter. Mark the throw line and let every child take a turn with three bean bags each. The highest scorer wins so it’s great for those of us with a competitive spirit.

Dress Up Relay Run 

This is a really simple game that only requires you to pull out a few old clothes that were due to be sent to the charity shop anyway. Best part? Kids will blow off a LOT of steam.

Split the party into two equal teams and position the first person in each team at a start line. The aim of the game is for each person to run to a pile of clothes, choose an item to put on and run back to tag their next team mate to run.


Balloon Darts

Find a spare panel of wood or foam board and staple and array of coloured blown up balloons. You could either push a mini prize like a Swizzels lolly or chew inside as a prize! Give each child a couple of turns at popping the balloons with some darts.





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