Perfect Valentine’s Date

Whatever your view on Valentine’s day it’s a great excuse to put spend some much needed quality time with your special someone. If you’re lost for ideas, we’ve put our heads together to come up with a few suggestions.

Woodland Retreat

What could be more romantic than spending Valentine’s day in a cosy log cabin in the woods? Switch off your mobile phones, pour a glass of wine and relax in front of a roaring fire. It will give you both the chance to unplug, unwind, and just sit in each others company. Bliss!

An Evening At Their Service

Valentine’s day is about showing your partner just how much you love them. Staying in and cooking a delicious meal is the perfect way to do this. Don’t let them lift a finger; Cook their favourite dinner, set the table, light some candles, pour them a drink and most importantly do the dishes afterwards!

A Spa Day

Book a day at a spa for you both and take the time to relax and be pampered together. Many spas offer an array of packages that include couples treatments, food and drink and even an overnight hotel stay.  

Karaoke Night

Some love it and some loath it so tread carefully with this one. If your other half loves singing cheesy tunes then this could be a fun and memorable date. If you aren’t too sure, don’t risk it!

Valentines 10K

If you and your Valentines new year’s resolution was to keep fit, then forgot the wine and chocolates and sign up to a Valentines race. There are lots of 5K and 10K races that you can sign up to across the country around Valentines day. The couple that race togther stay together!

Breakfast In Bed

You can’t go wrong with breakfast in bed; make a big stack of yummy American pancakes topped with your Valentines favourite toppings. Serve with a big bunch of red roses and stay in bed until lunch time!

A Comedy Show

Head down to a local comedy club for a night full of fun and laughter. Laughter releases feel good hormones that promote and maintain bonds. Meaning it’s perfect for both a first or even a fifty first date!

Tandem Bike Ride

Most big cities have bike rental websites online, including tandem bikes, that you can hire hourly. Yes, it might seem cheesy, but it will be so much fun. It will be a valentines date you won’t ever forget!


Grown up bowling alleys that play great music and serve delicious food and drinks while you play, are perfect for a fun valentines date.

Indoor Picnic

It’s a little too cold to have a picnic outdoors at this time of year, so throw down a blanket and have a romantic picnic in your bedroom. Make finger sandwiches, buy some delicious cakes and nibbles and pack them up in a basket. You could even put National Geographic on in the background and listen to birds chirping! Enjoy all the fun of a picnic, minus the grass stains and bugs!

If you want some delicious treats to go with your picnic, why not check out our selection of Valentines sweets for a range of personalised gift ideas?

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