[Pick ‘n’] Mix Up Your Summer Holidays

Oh, the long summer holidays. It’s a time of such mixed emotions. Unfortunately for many, by this point in the proceedings, boredom tends to be the predominate one! The novelty of no uniforms, no early mornings and time to use as you please can wear off pretty quickly, especially for children whose friends don’t live nearby. Luckily, Swizzels has come to the rescue, with some cheap, easy and fun things you can do to entertain the kids with Pick ‘n’ Mix this summer!

5 Ideas to Pick ‘n’ Mix Your Way Through the Summer Holidays

Pick ‘n’ Mix Treasure Hunt

It doesn’t matter what your age, or what the prize, treasure hunts can be enormous fun. And when you’re using Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix as the booty, it needn’t cost a fortune. If you want to keep it simple, you can just plan the clues and trail yourself and let the kids run wild. But if you’re looking to make more of an event, you can get the children involved in the planning. Make treasure maps. Design costumes. Create props. And invite friends. Then scatter a few Stinger chew bars along the trail to keep up the hunter’s energy.


The beautiful thing about Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets is that they’re incredibly versatile. For younger bakers, they can be used simply to decorate pre-made cakes and biscuits. For the slightly older children, they can be a catalyst for creativity. There’s already a great range of Swizzels recipes to choose from. But the very best creations are DIY. So, stock up on some sweets and let the kids loose in the kitchen and see what they come up with. The next taste sensation could be just a spatula away!

Get Crafty

If you’re using Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets in other ways, why not save the wrappers for a craft project? It doesn’t really matter what they’re made of, collages can be great fun to create and look really beautiful as a lasting memento. Children of all ages can get involved and creations can be as simple or elaborate as you please.

Make Your Own Pick ‘n’ Mix Reward Stand

The problem with boredom is that it often breeds ‘bad’ behaviour. Forget about star charts. Having your own Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix reward stand could be the perfect incentive. Get the children to get involved. Ask them to design their own containers, and maybe a cardboard surround. Fill up the pots with your favourite Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets – Drumstick lollies, Love Hearts, Parma Violets – and finish with some retro striped candy bags. It could soon really look the part. And sit temptingly in the kitchen, encouraging good behaviour.

Plan an End-of-Summer Party

The August long weekend is the perfect time to celebrate the end of summer and the imminent return to school with one last hoorah. And party planning can keep children occupied for weeks in advance. Especially if you hand out challenges: invitation design; menu planning; music playlist; and games for all. How can Swizzels pick ‘n’ mix help? Pretty much across the board! Add your Swizzels cupcakes to the menu, integrate a treasure hunt, use as party prizes, plan a candy buffet, make a piñata filled with pick ‘n’ mix, have a sweet theme. Let the children take the lead… Just make sure that they don’t forget to add something healthy and savoury to the menu too!

Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets are available to purchase from a range of shops and supermarkets nationwide. But if you’re looking for real convenience, you can find the full range of all your favourites online, at the Swizzels retro sweets store.

Here’s to the sweetest summer yet!

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