Picture This: Your Wedding. Your Favours. Your… Photo?

We don’t like to brag, but Love Hearts have been on the wedding favour go-to list for quite some time now. They were popular with the wedding market even before we introduced the option of personalising the labels. They’re sweet, both literally and emotionally. And they’re brimming with nostalgia – there can’t be many people who don’t remember sifting through a packet to find just the right message for that certain someone. Whether at age five or 35! But, did you know that Love Hearts have just become that little bit more special?

As of this summer, as well as personalising your Love Hearts wrappers with a special message, you can add a special photo to them too.

Personalised Love Hearts now available with photo upload

Imagine the scene.

You’ve had a wonderful wedding ceremony. All of your guests are saying just how perfect the day has been. They take their seat at the wedding breakfast table. And there before them, next to their place setting*, is a little packet of Swizzels Love Hearts. Memories flood. Smiles are shared. And then; ‘Wait! Have you seen this?’ These are no ordinary Love Hearts. They are commemorative Love Hearts, with your message and your photo beaming up at them. The wrappers can – and probably will, by the ladies, at least – be gently peeled away and stored as a memory of the occasion. The sweets can be swapped, as your guests share messages of love. Maybe even fostering new relationships… Or more likely be devoured as hungry people await their entrée!

And you know the best part? You can create all of this for just 20p per person!

Isn’t that just completely bargainous?

When you’re buying in bulk for a special occasion, price really matters. And occasions don’t come much more special (or bulk purchase-requiring) than your wedding.

Why we give wedding favours

There are few traditions that are recognisable the world over. The giving of wedding favours is one of them. Not quite every culture does it, but most.

In the western world, the tradition of giving wedding favours began with the French aristocracy. Sugary treats – ‘bombonieres’ – were given to wedding guests as a token of both thanks and wealth. Sugar was expensive. Splashing it around at your wedding showed that you were someone important – and that your guests mattered to you (the latter being a secondary concern, obviously!). The idea was a hit, and as sugar prices began to drop, so the tradition spread.

But while sugar is considerably less valuable these days, and no one expects wedding favours to cost the earth, they should still be memorable. And what could be more memorable than a favourite packet of childhood sweeties with your face and important date blazoned upon it? Buying the same thing in bulk for all of your guests keeps costs way down. But you still pay homage to a rather lovely tradition.

And if you’re not in the mood for doling out favours (we’ve all been there!), personalised Love Hearts make a fab addition to any candy buffet or sweet bar.

Sound sweet? Visit the Swizzels wedding shop and see what could work for you.  


* You can also personalise large Love Hearts tubes to use as quirky place name settings if it appeals!

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