Pumpkin carving safety tips

Set up your workspace - Choose a stable, dry and well-lit location to carve your pumpkin. Make sure the work surface is the correct height for children. Lay newspaper to keep the work surface dry. Use the correct tools - Many stores sell specific pumpkin carving kits which are safe for children to use. Adults should choose short bladed, serrated tools. Sharper is not better when carving pumpkins! Keep your hands and tools dry. Family fun - Young children should not carve pumpkins but they can get involved with choosing one of our templates, drawing faces on the pumpkin and scooping out the seeds. They could even add Halloween stickers or glitter to the pumpkin or use a safe tool to punch holes. Don’t rush - Take your time and carve in a slow, controlled manner. Use a sawing action and avoid stabbing motions. Point the blade away from your body and limbs. Don’t put your hand inside the pumpkin while carving as there is a risk you may accidently poke through and injure your hand. Light your lantern - Use battery operated candles or glow sticks to avoid the dangers of naked flames. Remember to put off the light at the end of the evening. - Enjoy your pumpkin carving!

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