Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for £10 or Less

We love Christmas here at Swizzels. It is absolutely one of our favourite times of year. It has so much potential for joy. But there’s no denying the fact that it also has the potential to be expensive. Especially when you have to factor in gifts for friends, colleagues and your children’s closest two dozen BFFs. That’s why organising a Secret Santa can be such a good idea. You have a fixed budget, one gift for each group and all the fun and excitement of wondering who your personal Santa might be. There’s just one little problem – what if you end up with the new kid at school, or that one person in the office who you’ve never yet spoken to? Panic not: Swizzels is here to help, with a selection of goodies at £10 or under. Perfect for the proper present or for those times when you need to add ‘just a little bit more’.

7 Secret Santa Christmas Gifts from Swizzels


Everyone loves a giant tube of sweeties. And with Swizzels you can take your pick. Love HeartsParma VioletsDrumsticks. Can’t decide which one to go for? They’re only £1 each, so you could easily buy all three and still have £7 left to spend on something else! And if you’re not sure about dietary requirements, both Love Hearts and Parma Violets are vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Swizzels Sweetshop Favourites Tub

At just £5, the Swizzels Sweetshop Favourites Tub makes a really impressive gift. And it is everything that it claims to be. As well as being packed with all of the goodies that you’ll remember from your childhood – Double Dips, Fizzers, Love Hearts and Refreshers – there are some more recent additions – Squashies – that your kids will know and love too.


Vegan and Vegetarian Personalised Retro Red Sweet Hamper

If you’re looking for something that looks a little more impressive, why not check out Swizzels sweet hampers? Prices range from £2.99 to £21.99, but a very safe bet is the Vegan and Vegetarian Personalised Retro Red Sweet Hamper. It’s full to the brim of classic Swizzels retro sweets.

Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix

If you’ve found your main present but still have a pound or two to spare, a selection of Swizzels Pick ‘n’ Mix favourites could be just what you need to complete your Secret Santa Christmas gift. Starting from £0.10 each, you can pimp up no end of presents with a handful of well-chosen sweeties.


600 Fizzy Cola Bottles

Has there ever been a child who would not sell their soul for a 600 count box of Fizzy Cola Bottles? Are there many adults who would not still be tempted? Bring an enormous silly grin to your colleague’s face with this Secret Santa Surprise!

Rainbow Drops Bumper Box

We all know someone who doesn’t over-indulge, but just needs to have something sweet to nibble on… all the time. If you’re shopping for that person’s Secret Santa Christmas gift, a bumper box of Rainbow Drops could be just the job. Eight packets containing 80 delicious grams of air-light treats for less than £4 gives you a gift to keep them going for weeks. And leaves you with plenty in the budget to pad out the present.

This is just a small selection of our Secret Santa favourites. If you’re still looking for inspiration, a whole host of other sweet treats await in the Swizzels Christmas Shop. Why not head on over and see what delights you can find?

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