Show Your Customers You Care with Swizzels Corporate Sweets

If there’s one golden rule of business, it’s that the customer is everything. They’re not always right and they’re not always perfect (apart from Swizzels customers, obviously!). But they are everything, because even if you’ve got the most incredible, most revolutionary product in the world, it’s not worth a sausage if you haven’t got any customers to buy it.

Showing your appreciation to your customers isn’t always easy, but the truth of the matter is that it often only takes a small gesture. That’s one of the reasons why we created the Swizzels corporate sweets range.

Corporate sweets and how to use them

What is the Swizzels corporate sweets range?

Swizzels has been offering personalised sweets for a number of years now, and a while ago we started noticing a trend. Businesses were contacting us for larger personalised orders. They wanted quirky place name settings for AGMs, bulk exhibition buckets, and small branded rolls to give away to customers. So, that’s exactly what we gave them.

Three ways to use corporate sweets

The free gift

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every shopper in possession of an ounce of good sense must be in want of a freebie. Free gifts are happy-making. Free gifts are memorable. If you want your customers to remember you with good feelings, then a free gift can be a really savvy move. While discount vouchers are an option, they’re easily mislaid, and larger gifts come with a much larger price tag. Popping a giant Love Hearts branded roll in their bag will catch the attention, without catching the attention of your accountant.

The reminder

Do you send out reminder notices to regular customers? For services that are usually delivered to schedule, or to those you’re not seeing quite as often as you used to, pop a packet of branded Swizzels Love Hearts in the post with your next reminder letter. People always love a friendly surprise… And you don’t get much friendlier than Love Hearts!

The counter-top treat

You remember how hotels and car dealerships always used to have a bowl of ancient Mint Imperials on the reception desk? And also, how only a very few people with little regard for hygiene would help themselves to a handful of dusty, fly-blown minty goodness? Well, you can use your branded Swizzels Love Hearts in much the same way… Only, because they’re individually wrapped, people will be happy to take them. And because they’ll have your name on them, your customers will remember where they got them.  

These days, customers can move on to your competitors with a single swipe of the screen. To retain them, you obviously need to be good at what you do. But you also need to show that you’re grateful for their business. Say thank you. And if you’ve not heard from them for a while, send them a little reminder about just how awesome you are. Because happy customers generally make for a successful business. 

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