Six Wedding Trends for 2021

It’s been a long time coming for many of us, but with restrictions easing [again!], and the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out well and truly underway, weddings are finally happening once again. So, with the potential for all wedding restrictions to be lifted on June 21st in the UK, what trends can we expect to see from this year’s brides and grooms?

Six Trends for 2021 Weddings

Traditional is fashionable

After more than a year of social restrictions where almost the whole world has faced a new way of life, it’s hardly surprising that many people are craving the comfort and security of tradition. And that sentiment is spilling over into the wedding market. Brides are returning to their hometowns for their weddings. Family and friends are playing a significantly more important role. In traditional English weddings, a father walking his daughter down the aisle is no longer being side-eyed by feminists, but embraced as a cherished family moment. For Hindu couples, the full three-day wedding function is once again a viable post-Covid option that is being looked forward to. Across cultures, traditional values and customs are being returned to, as weddings are being used to celebrate more than just the union of two soulmates.

It’s a nice day for a green wedding

Sustainability isn’t just a political concern. It’s bang on trend too. An increasing number of couples are seeking to plan a more sustainable wedding. This can be done through venue choice – selecting a location that doesn’t require a lot of travelling, or perhaps somewhere that already has strong green credentials, using renewable energy, with recycled water toilets. Dress choice – vintage is massively popular right now, and reusing/recycling a wedding dress is so much more environmentally friendly than purchasing a new one. Serving locally sourced foods  – locavore menus, where your menu has as few food miles as possible!). Or getting guests to sponsor a tree rather than bringing gifts. And we think that’s kind of beautiful.

Wedding sweets are here to stay

Whether it’s personalised wedding favours, like our ‘Just Married’ Love Hearts, or a candy buffet, wedding sweets are still very much in style. In fact, with couples expressing their thanks with gratitude biscuits, cake pop wedding cakes, bespoke sweetie place name settings, and the craze for candy cocktails, wedding sweets are bigger than ever before. And why should they not be? There are few better ways to generate nostalgia than the taste of a Swizzels Love Heart.

Less is more

Many couples will be using their 2021/2022 wedding as a big post-Covid get together hoorah.  However, at the other end of the spectrum there will be those who have realised that they don’t need the big wedding after all. Those friends you didn’t hear from once during lockdown? They probably don’t need an invite. After a year learning about the importance of being socially distant, an off-the-chart wedding may no longer be appealing.  For them, it’s all about investing their time and resources into an event for the people who really matter.  If there’s one thing about weddings that we’ve all learnt in the last year, it’s that you don’t have to go big to be beautiful.  Small can be just as beautiful, and possibly moreso.

Covid precautions may continue

[Photo by Paran Singh Photography ]

And of course, for couples for whom Covid-19 still presents a particular risk (and those getting married before June 21st), social distancing precautions may well continue. From streaming wedding ceremonies to drive-by bridal party visits, there are still plenty of ways to make socially distanced weddings wonderful. And people are coming up with all kinds of ways to keep the magic alive, including the creation of some truly gorgeous face masks for brides and guests alike!

Glitzing up the glamour

Lastly, as an antidote to a year in pyjamas and sweatpants, most brides are looking to shine like never before. As well as the stunning white gown, we can expect the accessories of a starlet. A bouquet that causes hay fever at 40 paces. And venue décor to take the breath away. Especially if couples have had to postpone their original plans during the pandemic.

2021 didn’t have the best of starts in the UK. There’s been disruption on top of disappointment, on top of one the most stressful times that many of us have ever lived through. But as freedom returns, restrictions ease, and the prospect of an at least partially safer future looms nearer, it’s time to look ahead. And how better to celebrate that time, than in the forging of a wonderful relationship?

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