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New Mills artist, Clare Allan has used Swizzels Matlow as inspiration for much of her work.

”The Swizzels factory is an important land mark for New Mills, and is such an iconic building it is part of the identity of the town. I have drawn the mill from different angles, at different times of day, and in different seasons.”

Clare went to Thornsett Primary School and New Mills Secondary School, and then studied Art at Hull University. After a period of working abroad she returned to her home town, and began to draw the views that were important to her.

Clare creates landscapes in a unique style, using charcoal, pastel and paint.

One of her best known images is 'Swizzels hill', and features the view looking down Church Road and up Albion Road towards the factory.
'Swizzels hill 2' shows the same view in Winter, with snow covered rooves.
'Singin' in the rain' features Swizzels and The Art Theatre in the rain, under a large rainbow.
'Early morning' shows the mill seen from the other side of the valley at dawn.
The factory can be seen in the drawing 'Gina's view' which was done as a commission.
The factory can be seen in the drawing 'Lily's window,' which was done as a commission.

The factory can also be seen in the drawing’s ‘Gina’s view’ and ‘Lily’s window,’ both which were done as commissions.

Clare is working on a new drawing to be shown as part of New Mills Festival in September, which also features Swizzels.

'The Twilight Shift' is a view of the mill lit up at dusk. (Clare worked the Twilight shift herself when she was a student during the summer breaks.)
'Clocking off' was drawn as a commission for a former employee of Swizzels, and shows a red car driving away from the building.

Clare sells her work in several Galleries in Derbyshire, and locally in The Gallery on High Street, New Mills. She also sells her work through her website, and has posted prints out to New Mills expats across the globe.

More of Clare’s work can be seen on her website www.clareallanart.com, and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @clareallanart

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