Swizzels – Trick or Treat? It’s in the Bag! How to Prepare for Halloween

Conkers, muddy puddles and the chance to knock on stranger’s doors randomly demanding plunder. Autumn is a wonderful time to be a child. And, as much as some adults disapprove, Halloween can be pretty special too.  It’s fun to dress up. Fun to make yourself look scary – or as is often the case these days, unbearably cute. And yes; it’s fun to trawl the streets looking for sweets and other delectable goodies.

But unless you’re one of the ones knocking on doors and ringing doorbells, it can be hard to get into the Halloween spirit. In fact, if you don’t have kids yourself, the temptation is to close the curtains, turn off the lights and pretend there’s nobody home. While that is an option it’s not a very enjoyable one. Far better to prepare a few tricks and treats of your own before the little darlings come knocking!

How to Prepare for Ticker-or-Treaters

Ensure the property is accessible

Kids, as a rule, don’t look where they are going. If there is one, single obstacle on an otherwise clear pathway, they will trip over it. And that’s on a good day, in brilliant sunlight with no distractions. In the dark, high on excitement with the nerves of a door knock and the prospect of sugar ahead they could walk into a mature oak tree and be surprised by its presence. So, boring stuff first: make sure that your pathway is clear and free of all potential hazards. It’s also a good idea to shut pets away and lock other entrances, just in case.

Look into lighting

Leading on from the above, lighting up your outdoor areas is always a good idea if you’re expecting visitors in the dark. And you can always use it to create a spooky atmosphere too. Although candles might be traditional, they’re a little dangerous with children about, but flickering fairy lights, battery-powered candles in pumpkins and lanterns along pathways can be great. And for a bit of scary fun, you can always snap off your porchlight before slowly opening your door with maximum creak just before the expected knock!


The simple truth is that most shop bought Halloween decorations are verging on tacky at the very best… which can be a good thing! But, if you enjoy crafting, making your own decorations can be great fun, especially if you have children or grandchildren around to help. Homemade spiders, webs, bats and ghosts can be gorgeous and really easy to do. Pumpkin carving is great fun and it doesn’t matter if you make a mess of it – that’s part of the appeal.

Prepare some decent loot

Trick or treaters don’t expect you to spend a fortune, but it can be fun to have a small selection of goodies available. Offer stickers or fruit for kids too young to have sweets and lollies, or for those who suffer from food allergies. And make sure that your sweet choices are individually wrapped. If you’re only expecting a few visitors, Swizzels frighteningly moreish Monster Treats bags could be just the job. For busy neighbourhoods and those throwing parties, the 5kg Trick or Treat Tub would fit the bill. Swizzels vegetarian and vegan sweets can also be a great idea, just so that no one is left to miss out.

Dress up

OK, so we’re not in America and you don’t want to be watching telly fully swathed in grubby mummy bandages in case a cavalcade of kids shows up. But having a monster hand at the ready to slip through the cracked open door, holding your sweetie bucket, or a glistening droplet of fake blood near your hastily popped in vampire teeth can work wonders and give the trick or treaters something to talk about.

Halloween isn’t for everyone. But it can be fun to join in if you’re looking for ways to raise a smile or two as we wind down into winter. Here’s wishing you a screamingly good time!

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