The science behind giving gifts

Regardless of the sometimes high costs of gift exchange, we still buy and give gifts. In fact, the tradition of gift giving is such a big part of our culture that it is necessary to explore why: why does buying other people gifts make us happy?

We’re Not The Only Species Who Give Gifts

Interestingly, giving gifts isn’t a deed done just by humans. Birds, chimps and even spiders join the gift-giving community through expressions of generosity towards their companions.

It seems that gift giving is symbolic in its ability to express human and animal emotions.

Expressions Of Generosity Are Part Of Human Nature

Giving a gift to somebody is an unselfish action that expresses a concern for the well-being of others. Not only does gift giving make the recipient happy, the giver actually enjoys greater levels of happiness through spending their money on somebody else. This is because human generosity is a fundamental feature of human nature: a quality that we all have.

Gift Giving Helps Create Social Relationships

Giving a gift plays an important part in creating, sustaining and strengthening social relationships between people. The act of giving a gift can create strong social bonds by expressing gratitude, appreciation and love for somebody else. In fact, if you’re looking to strengthen a bond with someone, buying a gift is an ideal place to start.

Gift Exchange Helps Us Understand Others Better

The feel good feeling that the giver enjoys after giving a gift is because of this feeling of closeness that they feel with somebody else. Planning a gift exchange enables us to see the world from another perspective, making us more selfless person with a better understanding of others.

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