Tips for a Sparkling Bonfire Night at Home

A bit like Halloween, Bonfire Night can be quite a divisive topic. You either love fireworks or you loathe them. And organising your own Guy Fawkes celebration can be a great way to annoy your neighbours. So, if you are planning a home Bonfire Night celebration, how can you make sure that it goes with the right kind of bang?

6 Tips for a Super Sweet Home Bonfire Night Celebration

1. Think safety

Whether you’re just letting off fireworks, or planning a bonfire and the whole shebang, safety has to be your number one priority. So, think about where you’re going to site your bonfire. Make sure it is a safe distance from any flammable items – fence, shed, house, or large bushes and trees. Make sure there is room for your family and guests to enjoy the spectacle without getting hurt. And consider creating a kid’s zone, so you can always keep track of the littlies in the party.

2. Plan your fireworks carefully

Some fireworks simply weren’t intended for use in smaller spaces. Some have been proven to cause tinnitus, their explosions are so loud. Sparklers may look pretty, but they can cause serious burns. So, take time to choose the right fireworks for your situation. And if you know that your neighbours have pets or may be sensitive to sounds, consider selecting low-noise or silent fireworks. They’re just as beautiful, but they’re a lot more considerate.

3. Be snack-ready

You can’t have a party without food! And while hotdogs, burgers, and soup may be the traditional fare, don’t forget other diets. Having picky things – sausage rolls, vegan pastries, crisps – that guests can graze on can be much easier to manage. You could even work on a ‘flaming hot’ theme! Consider providing pic ‘n’ mix sweet tubs for the kids (and grownups!). And make sure you plan ahead, so you don’t miss all the fun yourself, being held up in the kitchen.

4. Talk to your neighbours

OK, so not everyone likes fireworks and Bonfire Night. But people are far less disposed to complain if they have been treated with courtesy. If you know your neighbours, why not invite them along? If you don’t, knock on the door or put a note through the letterbox, letting them know of your plans. So, if they have pets or have problems with loud noises themselves, they are at least prepared and can take precautions.

5. Plan children’s entertainment

While fireworks are exciting, there can be a lot of waiting around on Bonfire Night. Which can be tough on the under 10s. Having some simple and safe entertainment planned can make a world of difference. Decorate your own bonfire biscuits. Host a small sweeties treasure hunt away from the fire. Get a grown up on marshmallow (or Squashies!) toasting duty – always being aware of how hot toasted sweets can get. Do some apple bobbing for prizes. Stage a conker championship (just keep the competitive dads away!). And break out the glow sticks. With a Swizzels Party Sweet Mix, you’ve got prizes and decorations for all!

6. Budget

If your neighbours want to get involved, you could really make a night of it. But it’s a good idea to ask others to chip in. Fireworks can be expensive. Party food isn’t cheap. You want the night to glow with delight, but you don’t want to blow your budget.

Bonfire Night can be such a lovely time for families. It’s exciting and special, and sort of a herald for the start of the festive season. But if you’re going to celebrate at home, it has to be safe. It pays to be considerate. And you should always plan ahead.

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