Trust More Important Than Cost for UK Shoppers

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves a bargain. So, it might surprise you to find out that Brits value trust above cost when it comes to shopping. In the latest Swizzels survey, shoppers told us that when looking for gifts online, finding something cheap was not a high priority. In fact, almost 64% of respondents either disagreed or strongly disagreed that they were searching for something inexpensive when buying gifts. And only 3.6% said that cost was the most important concern. While a staggering 93% said that they instead preferred shopping with retailers they know and trust.

Intrigued by people’s other buying habits, we delved a little deeper to find out what Brits really look for from an online retailer. And to find out what our customers really think about Swizzels.

What’s Important to UK Shoppers?

So, knowing that trust is important to shoppers, we wanted to know what else we could do to deliver the best shopping experience. And it seems that as well as reliable service, speed is of the essence. In fact, almost 92% of people value fast delivery, with many stating that they, ‘don’t mind a delivery charge if it’s next day or quick.’ Which is encouraging for us, because it’s been Swizzels policy for a while now that we try to ship all orders received before 2pm on weekdays on the same day!

Interestingly, a further 66% of gift shoppers were looking for goods that could be personalised. Which is something else that Swizzels is really good at.  From hampers to customised Love Hearts, we’ve got the perfect personalisable gift for almost anyone.

Possibly surprisingly in this time-poor society, it also seems that even when not pounding the high street, UK shoppers still love to browse. Almost 95% of the people we spoke to said that they ‘loved searching for ideas online’ before making a purchase. And only 6.2% of people described themselves as last-minute panic buyers.

So, that’s the general picture, but next we really wanted to know what people think about shopping with Swizzels.

Why do people shop with Swizzels?

Well, the really great news, from our perspective, is that 99.5% of survey respondents described Swizzels as a trusted company. But why do you like us?

  •       Apparently, nostalgia plays a pretty big part in people’s opinions of Swizzels. Almost 98% of shoppers loved the retro aspect of Swizzels sweets, and valued the memories they bring.
  •         While 93% of shoppers think Swizzels gifts are thoughtful, which probably links back to the ability to personalise Swizzels sweets.
  •         And 96% said that they buy Swizzels sweets because they’re easy to give – everyone likes them.
  •         Lastly, almost 97% of shoppers said that they found Swizzels sweets to be good value for money.

So, what have we discovered about today’s online shoppers?

Well, it seems that you’re a thoughtful bunch. You don’t just buy the first thing you see, and you don’t purchase in a hurry. You like value for money, but it’s not your priority – you’d rather have a reliable, trustworthy service. And once you’ve made up your mind, you don’t want to be kept waiting for your purchases.

So, now that we know exactly what you want, it’s our job to keep on trying to give it to you!

Are you ready to start Swizzels shopping? Head on over to our online store

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