Unique Gifts Essential for UK Shoppers

Don’t shoot us down, but… did you know that Christmas is only 13 weeks away? Once again, it’s time to turn our thoughts to advent calendars, decorations and gifts. And it seems that although us Brits might protest at the ‘C word’ being mentioned already, most of us like to take the time to find gifts that are just that little bit special.

In fact, according to our most recent research, 97% of people say that when they gift shop online, they’re looking for something ‘unique and thoughtful’. So, with only a little time to lose before the big day comes round again, what are British shoppers thinking when they start their online Christmas shopping?

Why Thoughtful Gifting Matters

According to research reported by the BBC in 2019, thoughtful gifting matters because it can have a strong bearing on relationships. While cost can often be irrelevant, gifts that show a degree of thoughtfulness increase feelings of happiness and security in a relationship. Why? Because it shows not only that you – the gifter – know the intended recipient well, but that you’ve taken care to understand them. And gone to the effort of finding a gift they’ll like.

And interestingly, although shoppers place great value on uniqueness when searching for gifts, originality doesn’t always matter that much to the recipient. In fact, when most of us receive a gift, we’re more likely to care about the thought behind it, and the value that it delivers to us!

What does that mean to Swizzels shoppers?

93% of online shoppers think Swizzels sweets make a thoughtful gift

So, having received the thumbs up from the great British public on the gifting front, what do we have to offer in the way of thoughtful gifts this Christmas?

  •         Hampers have long been a favourite for sending Christmas cheer and Swizzels sweet hampers are no exception. Available in a range of sizes and a range of prices, we have hampers available for every budget and sweetie taste – even vegan and vegetarian and gluten-free. Described as ‘full to the top’ by blogger ‘Stressed Mum’, Sam, we’re pretty confident that whichever Swizzels hamper you select, it will be a winner with its intended recipient.
  •         Personalised gifts are also crowd-pleasers with the Christmas market. In fact, 66% of people we surveyed said that they were looking for personalised gifts online, and 90% of Swizzels shoppers said they loved the fact that Swizzels sweets can be personalised. Hampers also fall into the personalised gift category, but if you’re looking for something alternative, you can go one step further and put a loved one’s name on their very own tube of Love Hearts.
  •         And then, there’s the option to go big. With a Swizzels 3kg sharing bag, or even a 5kg sweet tub, you can cater for families… or treat someone with a seriously sweet tooth!

Why do people give Swizzels sweets as gifts?

People visit the Swizzels web shop for a variety of reasons. In fact, almost 44% of visitors said that they purchased sweets to eat themselves or to treat a member of their immediate family when on the site. But a further quarter of all visitors were looking for personalised gifts. So, why did they choose Swizzels to buy from?

  •       97% of shoppers were drawn by the fact that Swizzels sweet gifts represent great value for money, and it’s true, we do.  We offer personalisation but without the hefty price tag that often accompanies it.  As Swizzels make the sweets they sell, customers are shopping directly with the manufacturer – making it possible to get great prices on famous brands without compromising on quality, customer service or anything else. 
  •       Nostalgia plays a part in the appeal for 98% of shoppers.  Swizzels sweets have that fantastic retro feel, however what many customers don’t realise until they visit our site, is that many of those famous classics have got modern versions to excite and delight.  For example, Drumstick lollies also have an original flavour Squashies variety alongside exciting flavour variants such as bubblegum and sour cherry and apple.
  •       96% of people think that Swizzels sweets made a good go-to gift because everyone loves them – it makes them a thoughtful gift, but also a ‘disappointment-free’ gift, as there’s a really good chance the recipient will love them.
  •       99% of online shoppers surveyed buy gifts from Swizzels because they know and trust the brand.

Christmas shopping can feel like a bit of a minefield at times. We’re all so anxious about buying the best and spending the most. But often, when we think back to our own experiences, we find that it’s the little gestures that often mean the most. And that, we guess, is why Swizzels sweets remain one of the UK’s most popular Christmas gifting options.

So, are you ready to start your Christmas shopping?

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