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Swizzels has been providing a range of corporate sweet solutions for a couple of years now. Our tailored branded sweets have graced events, AGMs, exhibitions and all manner of commercial occasions. So, in response to growing demand, we’ve upped the ante, with the launch of our new corporate gifting service. Whether you’re looking for Christmas treats, a one-off ‘thank you’, or something sweet to grab your customer’s attention, we’ve got you covered.

Swizzels Sweets Corporate Gifting – Everything You Need to Know

What corporate sweets options does Swizzels offer?

Swizzels can provide a range of sweets for businesses. Our mini branded sweet tubes are ideal for giving out to customers – at events, in promotional mail outs, or simply popped in a bowl on your customer service desk. Ourpersonalised Love Hearts gift tubes – are currently available, but we have Drumsticks, Squashies, and Parma Violets coming very soon too – making the ideal sweet gifts for employees. We have sweet personalised place name settings to bring levity to business lunches and corporate meetings alike. And for those really important thank yous, we have a full range of personalised sweet hampers. While you can opt to just send one to your employee of the month, they also make fantastic Christmas gifts for teams and customers. And the more you send, the more you save, as if the sweets weren’t incentive enough!

How does the Swizzels corporate sweet service work?

Because every business is different, we like to deal with our corporate customers personally. So, either give us a call (0800 970 0480) or drop us an email (customer.support@swizzels-matlow.com) to discuss your needs. From there, we’ll go through the various options and prices with you. Once you know what you want, you can send us your high-res artwork, other personalisation details, and the names and addresses of the recipients, where relevant.

How long does it take to prepare Swizzels corporate sweets?

We can’t all be organised all the time! If you’re working in a hurry, or have left things to the last minute, we can arrange to send out large scale orders in just a few days.

Is there an order limit?

Because we make all of our own products on site at Swizzels, we can accommodate almost any sized order. Fifty hampers? No problem. Two thousand, it may take a few days longer, but we’ll provide you with a realistic delivery time before you place your order. That’s why we like to talk to you, rather than just doing everything online! So, is there an order limit? Yes – it’s whatever you need it to be.

Are Swizzels sweet gifts suitable for a vegan or halal diet?

They can be! It really depends upon what you order. All of Swizzels vegetarian and vegan sweets are suitable for a halal diet. And in our corporate range, we have a selection of vegan-friendly sweets. Including all Love Hearts gifts, and a couple of sweet hampers.

At Swizzels, our aim has always been to do the best we can for our customers. Our concierge-style corporate gifting service should provide you with everything you need to simplify buying for those special occasions.

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