What Makes a Great Sweet Gift?

Sweets. They’re one of life’s little pleasures. That’s why they make such good gifts. But when you need something really special, what is it that you should look for? Does size matter? Or is it just the thought that counts? Whether for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s, this is our guide to choosing the perfect sweet gift.

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Sweet Gifts

Think about what they love

This is fairly obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. If you’re going to buy someone a gift, it’s always worth taking time to work out what they like. Not just to avoid wasting your money, but because it shows that you’ve done more than grab the first box of sweets or chocolate that you found.

Keep it personal

Personalised gifts are always a great way to show someone that you’ve put a bit of effort in. So, if you want to create an impression, or make a little person smile, personalised sweets are a good way to go. Depending on the recipient and occasion, you can choose from hampers with a message, or sweets with a bespoke wrapper. Our personalised Love Hearts are popular amongst proposers, and others with a romantic bent. But there’s something for almost everyone.

Make a big impression

Sometimes you want to super-size. And sweet gifts don’t come much better than our Giant Squashies Box ! Containing 6.4kgs – that’s 40 individual bags – of your favourite squashy sweets, this is a sweet gift that means business! And we know more than a few dads who will be hoping for one of these for Father’s Day this year! But if you want to go large for someone not into Squashies, there is a whole range of other bulk sweetie buys available… 100 Double Lollies anyone?

Be practical

Sending gifts through the post is easier than ever before. But while it’s a lovely way of presenting a surprise when you’re unable to reach someone in person, sometimes large packages are more trouble than they’re worth. No one likes going to a parcel collection office. No one likes receiving packages that have been left out in the rain. And no one likes discovering that the gift they carefully chose failed to reach the recipient because an unscrupulous person stole from the doorstep. That’s where letterbox sweet hampers can be a real winner. Small enough to slip through the letterbox, but packed to bursting with a selection of sweets, these little hampers are enormous crowd-pleasers.

Variety is the spice of life

Everyone loves a hamper. As much for the delight of discovering what’s inside, as for the actual eating. But how much more exciting is a hamper that doesn’t contain pickled herrings and tins with dubious contents? Sweet hampers will always be one of our favourite gifts. And with different tastes, diets, and price points catered for, we’re pretty sure that we have something for everyone, including our popular vegan and vegetarian sweet hampers . Packed with more than a kilogram of assorted goodies, these hampers were designed to make people happy. And they make the perfect choice for those people who like a little bit of everything.

Choosing gifts can be pretty stressful, especially when you want to get it right. But nine times out of ten, sweet gifts will hit the right mark. Spreading a little smile, whatever the occasion.

Visit the Swizzels sweet shop to choose your next sweet gift. 

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