What’s the Best Way to Use Corporate Sweets?

We recently relaunched our Swizzels Corporate sweets service. The idea being to make it easier and more cost effective for businesses to access the branded and personalised corporate and gifting sweets they need. So, with a world of sweets available, how can you best make them work for your business?

Five Ways to Use Corporate Sweets

A welcome gift in reception

Gone are the days when a dusty bowl of mint imperials was enough to impress your customers. Being slightly more savvy, no one wants to dip into a bowl of unwrapped sweets that multiple fingers may have already rummaged through. And, let’s face it, mints aren’t wholly inspiring! Wrapped sweets make a better welcome. Wrapped sweets branded with your business name and logo make an impression. And can be carried away to be used as a reminder so they could lead to future business.

Employee and customer rewards

Whether it’s an annual Christmas ‘thank you’, or a ‘well done’ for good work, a sweet hamper makes a wonderful gesture. Available at varying price points – with discounts for larger orders – Swizzels sweet hampers can be personalised with your own bespoke messaging, and adapted to any occasion.

Open days and trade shows

From shows to sales and open days, customer-facing events can provide an opportunity to get in front of new customers and give them something to remember. And goodie bags play a large part in that scenario. Regardless of whatever else you’re providing, a roll of Love Hearts branded with your company’s name can be a fun way to share your details… It beats a business card any day!

Adding fun to formal seating

Every AGM and business conference has one thing in common: place names. Using personalised giant Love Hearts place name settings can be a great way to set the tone and lift the mood before formalities begin. And if there’s likely to be a lot of talking, you can help to prevent minds from wandering by providing a snack for those who need one.

Putting your stamp on fundraising events

Are you providing a prize for a charity giveaway? While charity and fundraising events should primarily be about the cause you’re promoting, no sponsor ever hid their light under a bushel. Including branded sweets as part of your donation is a nice way to let people know of your involvement without being crass. Who needs a great big plaque with your name on it, when you can provide a sweet reminder to savour?

Corporate sweets are a simple idea. They provide an original and fun way to get your business noticed. And they’re versatile too. These are our five favourite ways to use corporate sweets, but the possibilities are almost endless.

If you’d like to find out more about Swizzels corporate sweets, you can visit our dedicated page, head on over to the Swizzels sweet shop, or call (0800 970 0480) or email ( customer.support@swizzels-matlow.com) our customer support team.

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