Why Do We Give Sweets for Mother’s Day?

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Mothers have been honoured throughout history. From the Ancient Egyptian festival for ‘mother’ Isis, and the Roman celebration of Rhea and Cybele, through to the Christian Mother Mary, and Mothering Sunday. We celebrate our mums because without them we wouldn’t be here. For most of us, they provided the nurturing love we needed to grow. And we present gifts on special days to thank them for that. But why do we give sweet treats when we want to show our thanks?

Everything You Need to Know About Mother’s Day

When is Mother’s Day?

In 2022, in the UK, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, March 27th. But the date changes every year, determined by the lunar calendar. Occurring on the fourth Sunday in Lent, Mother’s Day is always three weeks before Easter Sunday. This means that it is usually towards the end of March or the beginning of April.

In other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times. In Australia and America, for example, Mother’s Day is always held on the second Sunday in May. It is an event that began in 1908, founded by  Ann Reeves Jarvis, who later distanced herself from the day.

Why do we give gifts for Mother’s Day?

In the UK, this history of Mother’s Day is rooted in Mothering Sunday. Which began as a Christian festival that would see people who had moved away return to their home village and visit their ‘mother church.’ The tradition was for visitors to take posies of flowers for the church. But as they had also been separated from their families, many would use the opportunity for a catch up, and present their own mothers with a returning gift too.

Why do we give sweets for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day occurs in the middle of Lent, which is traditionally a period of fasting. People would avoid indulgent food as a form of repentance, and to attempt to cleanse the soul for God. But the one exception to that rule came on Mothering Sunday, where decadent simnel cake, complete with sweet marzipan balls, would be shared. And so sweet treats became associated with Mother’s Day, and the tradition of giving sweet gifts began.

Three sweet gift ideas for Mother’s Day

So, now you know where the tradition came from, but what sweet gifts can you give? We have a few ideas!

1. A letterbox sweet hamper

If you can’t get to see mum this Mother’s Day, there are plenty of postal gifts to choose from. But you can’t always rely on someone being at home to open the door. That’s where letterbox gifts play their part! A Swizzels letterbox sweet hamper can be personalised with a special message, and popped through the letterbox, full of our most popular sweets. Ready to be devoured or savoured, depending on your mum’s style!

2. A giant pick ‘n’ mix

Has mum got a sweet tooth to end all sweet teeth? A bulk bag of sweets is the ultimate spoiling solution! You could go for a one-hit-wonder, with 3kg of her very favourite sweet – Refreshers, Love Hearts, or Fruity Pops. While a mixed pack will remind her of being let loose in Woolworths with £2 and the pick ‘n’ mix scoop! Ahhh, happy days!

3. Personalised Love Hearts

Personalised Love Hearts don’t just give mum a bag of sweets to munch through, but a lasting memento to treasure. With Swizzels original, iconic Love Hearts wrappers personalised with your Mother’s Day message, these are as sure to bring a tear to the eye as a tingle to the tongue! The perfect choice for mums with children of all ages, our personalised Love Hearts make a truly sweet gesture.

Mother’s Day has never been about massive expense. It’s not about how much cash you have to splash. It’s about showing that you care. And sometimes the smallest gestures can create the biggest impact.

Still looking for Mother’s Day inspiration? Check out the full Swizzels sweet collection.

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