Hacks for Keeping the Kids Entertained Between Christmas and New Year

We all know what it’s like to experience that post-Christmas slump. After all the anticipation and excitement, there’s suddenly not an awful lot to look forward to. And the experience is even worse for kids. Their grownups are exhausted, bordering on grumpy. They won’t see most of their schoolmates for at least another week. And it’s so cold and wet that playing outside isn’t really an option. So, what can you do to keep your little ones merry and bright for that troublesome week between Christmas and New Year?

Six Tips for Surviving the Week After Christmas with Kids

Get crafty

Most children love crafting. And by setting a craft project for completion in the holidays, you’re providing sustained entertainment and purpose. You can keep it fun and frivolous – paint a portrait a day until you’ve got one of each member of the family. Or tie it back to something your kids have been learning in school this term. A Great Fire of London model village. The Antarctic made out of recycling. A collage about sustainability. Anything that sparks the interest and keeps them engaged.

Save some of the sweet treats

Christmas tends to be all about indulgence these days. So, we all go overboard with the goodies. Breaking out the biscuits, chocolates and sweets in a flurry of over-eating that carries us right up til Christmas day. Which can be fun. But it also leads to a lot of waste and a lack of appreciation. If you hold back some family favourites – like the Swizzels Sweetshop Favourites Tub – you’ve got something good to dip into later. Or use for entertainment. A sweetie treasure hunt is an excellent way to wile away some winter hours. Especially if your kids are old enough to decipher trickier clues.

Throw a leftovers picnic

Whether you’re willing to brave the cold and take a picnic on a family hike, or you throw down a blanket, pile up the cushions, and take over the living room floor. Kids love picnics. It’s fun. It’s affordable. And with the making of sandwiches and containerising of all your food, it will fill a good few hours. It may also make those ageing leftovers look a little more appealing!

Break out the board games – with prizes for the winners

As parents, we might suppress a groan when the kids want to get the board games out. But once you get into it, board games can be fun. And you can make a tournament out of it. Stock up on some sweet bags – Curious Chews are the perfect choice! – and dole out prizes to the winners… Not forgetting the participation prizes, to avoid those memorable loser’s tantrums! Or, if a board game is too contentious for your brood, try a family jigsaw.

Plan a New Year celebration

If you don’t already have plans for the New Year, get the kids involved in making some. Find out if there are any early fireworks displays in your area. Invite some of your children’s friends and their parents to an afternoon dance off. Or set the kids planning the perfect New Year’s Day breakfast, lunch, or dinner – whichever meal you think you’ll be most capable of appreciating.

Movie night!

The chances are, you’re going to be overwhelmed with snacks. And what’s the best thing to do with snacks? Eat them in front of your favourite film. If you’re feeling creative, turn some of those nibbles into other nibbles – did you know that Rainbow Drops taste tremendous when mixed into popcorn? Or that Squashies can be used to make an awesome rocky road? Get the kids to make cinema tickets and arrange the furniture just so. Make the most of the entertainment possibilities. And enjoy the family time.

If you don’t have plans, the week between Christmas and New Year can be a trial for all concerned. But with a little bit of thought, you can turn those days into a fun family time that doesn’t take too much effort, or cost too much money.

Let us know how you spend your Christmas holiday time.

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